The ManningCast co-host thinks the Chiefs were shortchanged, just as Mahomes does

the biggest talking point to come out of Week 14 in the NFL was by far the Kansas City Chiefs’ loss to the Buffalo Bills. Kadarius Toney’s offsides penalty has led to arguments and disagreements, and even led to Patrick Mahomes being more animated than we’ve ever seen him.

Mahomes’ outburst has brought on a lot of criticism for the usually even-keeled quarterback, although he has already admitted that he regrets the way he acted after the game, saying “I was still hot and emotional, but you can’t do that, man.”While Mahomes laments his actions, another All-Pro quarterback has come out in defense of the 28-year-old. Peyton Manning appeared on Pardon the Interruption early this week and spoke about the offsides call and Mahomes’ reaction

Manning called the play “the most famous offensive offsides penalty of all-time”. The former Super Bowl winning signal-caller knows the penalty was correct, but he believes it should have been handled in a much different way.

He’s not alone in that sentiment, but the Chiefs and everyone else have to move on. What’s done is done; at least until the rule probably gets changed during the offseason NFL Competition Committee meeting.