The Music ICON Eras Tour Choreographer Calls Taylor Swift a ‘Hard Worker,’ Thinks Travis Kelce Romance Is ‘Awesome

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight following Dancing With the Stars‘ Swift-themed episode last week, Moore had nothing but kind words for the “Anti-Hero” singer. “I love that she is a hard worker, she cares so much about what she’s doing, she wants the fans to have the best show possible, and she stops at nothing to get that done,” she said of working with Swift.

“And I appreciate it because I like to work hard too, and we are really alike,” Moore added. “We had a really good working relationship. It was awesome

The So You Think You Can Dance contributor also revealed to ET that she and Swift worked closely together to dream up the many dance numbers included in the pop star’s three-hour Eras show. “It honestly was a very simple process,” Moore said. “You talk about what you’re going to do, she has ideas, and then you put it up on its feet. She’s really clear about what she wants to do and how she wants to move, and I just think the world of her. It was really a lovely experience.”

One of Swift’s favorite Eras numbers is the sexy Chicago-esque chair dance for “Vigilante Shit,” according to Moore. The choreographer told one reporter last week that the 12-time Grammy winner was over the moon about the opportunity to perform such a sensual number. “I get to do that?!” Moore recalled Swift cheering

But what does the dance mastermind think of Swift’s romance with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce? “It’s awesome,” Moore told ET. “You care about people, and you want them to have the kind of life they want to have and I just, she’s a real gem. So I’m excited she’s happy.