The President, Joe Biden Revealed Why He Pleads to keep Prince Harry’s Visa Secret.

Joe Biden and Prince Harry

Sources claim that President Joe Biden has leaped to the defense of Prince Harry in a bid to keep his Visa documents private, safe from the public eye.


Joe Biden and Prince Harry

Having officially filed the US as his place of residence earlier this year, Prince Harry appears to have the support of the nation’s president, Joe Biden, in a battle to keep his visa papers private. While Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are consistently targeted with vitriol online, the pair appear to be liked by Biden – who sources claim holds a soft spot for the pair of royal exiles.

Joe Biden reportedly ‘pleads’ with the courts over Prince Harry.

A recent report from The Telegraph claims the Biden administration has “pleaded” with US Courts not to release Harry’s visa application from 2020, over fears there would be a “stigma” attached to the contents of the paper.

The challenge to the proposal, led by Biden’s Department of Homeland Security, comes after The Heritage Foundation (a conservative Washington D.C.-based think tank) demanded the documents be made public, due to concerns over Harry’s past drug use.

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The Heritage Foundation claims that because Harry admitted to using drugs in his autobiography, the public has a right to know whether he told the truth on the visa application – which asks if the applicant has used drugs before.

The lawyer representing Harry, attorney John Bardo, defended the Duke of Sussex, arguing that many of the records contained in the application were “law enforcement records”, and that publishing them would reveal “confidential law enforcement tools”.

Biden is team Harry, says royal correspondent
Reacting to The Telegraph’s report, royal correspondent Kinsey Schofield claimed that Biden and his wife Jill were sympathetic towards Harry and Meghan.

“The Bidens have been very kind towards Harry and Meghan,” claimed Schofield. “We’ve seen them side with Harry and Meghan.”

Schofield continued: “They sided with Harry and Meghan after the Oprah Winfrey interview. They used to attend Invictus (Games). Biden recently was talking about how important Invictus was.

“So I feel like President Biden and his wife have a soft spot for Prince Harry.”

Biden’s rumored opinion of Harry and Meghan is starkly contrasted by his predecessor, Donald Trump, who has made his negative feelings about the pair clear on numerous occasions.

“I wouldn’t protect him,” said Trump of Harry back in February. “He betrayed the queen. That’s unforgivable. He would be on his own if it was down to me.”

Trump’s comments are reflective of the generally negative perception of Harry and Meghan which is prevalent among conservative groups like The Heritage Foundation.