The Queen Is Hosting a Joint 40th Birthday Party for Prince William and Kate Middleton

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Yep, The Mirror reports that Her Majesty is throwing a “joint 40th birthday bash” for Prince William and Kate Middleton, and has “given the go ahead” to host the event at either her home at Windsor Castle or the Sandringham Estate—because apparently she thinks the Cambridges should “celebrate their landmark birthdays in style.


The Queen Is Hosting a Joint 40th Birthday Party for Prince William and Kate Middleton

“Apparently senior royals and the Queen will attend the event (The Mirror reports that the Queen won’t confirm until the day-of given her mobility issues), though pls note that the the royals haven’t technically confirmed any of this. As Kensington Palace mused in a statement, “We do not comment on private plans.” Kay!



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It’s unclear when exactly the party will be held other than “later this summer,” but obviously the question on everyone’s mind is: will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend? Answer: TBD, but flying all the way to England for a birthday party seems like a lot! That said, 40 is definitely a milestone year for William and Kate, so maybe Harry will show up—stay tuned!


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FYI, Kate technically turned 40 in January, but was unable to celebrate due to a rise in COVID-19 cases. A source told the Daily Mail ahead of her birthday that “There are likely to be low-key celebrations for the Duchess. She didn’t want anything flashy anyway – that’s not exactly her thing – but particularly given the current climate anything is likely to be scaled down.Guess she’s officially making up for it!!


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