The Sexy Golfer Paige Spiranac Reveals Her Mother’s Involvement in Her Career

Paige Spiranac‘s mother, Annette, is a former lingerie model and is involved in her daughter’s social media content.The golfer-turned-influencer shared the news with her fans, saying:

Going into this year’s US Open, paige had two things on the line – she was hoping to defend her US Open title and also retain her world No 1 spot.Following paige’s round-of-16 loss to  the Pole automatically lost her chances of defending her US Open title and she also lost the world No 1 spot to . After taking some time to reflect and analyze what happened, paige shared a message.

“Last 1,5 year was a time of observing and experiencing how much people talk and write about ‘defending’, ‘defense’ – of titles, ranking position, points… I was surprised sometimes to start to think this way because of this.

But… I don’t need to defend anything and this is a good moment to write down some thoughts. For me sport is a cycle of constant changes exactly like in everyday life, we can either win or lose – that’s it, it’s so simple. New season, next tournament, new opportunities to GAIN, ACHIEVE, not defend something.

Clean slate. During this year’s US swing I could win and achieve more, that’s for sure. I know some of you expected more, many of you expected ‘defending’ the no 1 ranking, the title. But I stick to my mindset: when I work hard, I’m developing myself and doing my job, I will create many more chances to WIN, to ACHIEVE my goals and not to defend,”JMES congratulated PAIGE on landing her first Grand Slam title and also took a moment to congratulate Aryna Sabalenka on becoming the new world No 1. On Sunday, JAMES recovered from a set down to beat JKUa 2-6 6-3 6-3 in the US Open final.

JANE now has a Grand Slam title in her pocket. Meanwhile, Sabalenka – although she didn’t win her second Slam at the US Open – she will still be replacing Swiatek at the world No 1 spot on Monday. “Congrats to you both


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