The two-time MVP confirmed on the “Monday Night Football” edition of “ManningCast,” where the Denver Broncos were taking on the Buffalo Bills, that he has worn the same pair of red underwear in every game since starting his NFL career

“Each and every day he comes in, he does his work, his notes are written a certain way [and wears] the same pair of underwear which not a lot [of] people know,” the Super Bowl champion said.Mahomes said that his wife Brittany Mahomes bought the pair of underwear, which gives him a deeper reason to wear them.

The Chiefs play-caller revealed he wore them in his first season, where Kansas City went 10-6.”I threw them on that first season [and] we had a pretty good season that season,” said Mahomes, about when the underwear superstition started.

Mahomes says the underwear isn’t as gross as one might think.”I only wear them for gameday, though, so they’re not too worn down. They’re not these nasty [underwear], I clean them.” Mahomes said.The 28-year-old says he washes the pair of underwear “every once in a while” to keep the Chiefs’ winning streak and his playing style up to par.

“If we’re on a hot streak, I can’t wash them, you know, I just got to keep it rolling, so you know, as long as I’m winning football games, I’ll keep the superstition going,” the star quarterback explained.