There’s Nothing to Hide again Taylor Swift announces that she’s pregnant, expecting her first child

Taylor Swift is falling into the same outfit trap as Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian, most recently, as she sparked rumors of a pregnancy with the latest snap that was posted to social media. Taylor hosted a listening party for some of her biggest fans at her home, previewing songs from her new album, Reputation. In one photo, she stands with a Swifty, hand on hip, wearing a loose sweatshirt dress.

One user re-posted the photo, writing, “Guys what if gorgeous by @taylorswift13 is a baby announcement??? idk if this is a bad angle but she looks pregnant???? IMAGINE OMG.” In truth, it just seems as though Taylor is arching her back, just-so, and her hand on her hip is causing her sweatshirt dress to push forward, over her stomach. Why is it, though, that every time a celebrity steps out in something slightly oversized, the world begins whispers (and screams) of a child on the way? It’s really not OK to speculate on whether someone’s pregnant or not, especially if it’s solely based on what they wear.