Tomorrow, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs will face an additional challenge in Baltimore: contending with the formidable enemy of deafening crowd noise.


Following the Baltimore Ravens’ commanding 34-10 victory over the Houston Texans in the divisional playoffs last week, the resounding question lingered in the air-was it exceptionally loud on the field? Justin Tucker, the Ravens’ kicker, received this query from his wife, Amanda.


Tucker, who, along with the wife of guard Kevin Zeitler, was in the stands witnessing the spectacle. Amanda expressed: “Because it felt like the stadium was literally rocking. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced the stadium like that.

As the Ravens gear up to host their first AFC Championship Game in their 28-year history, the Kansas City Chiefs are poised to face the formidable 12th man at M&T Bank Stadium, generating a cacophony of approximately 120 decibels-comparable to the noise level of a jet plane taking off, as measured during the Texans game.

The Ravens firmly believe that their passionate crowd played a pivotal role in inducing seven penalties by the Texans, comprising five false starts, one delay of game, and one encroachment.

Wide receiver Zay Flowers attested to the intensity, asserting: “Yes, you couldn’t tell? Houston noticed it. We’ve got the best fans in the country. ‘The Bank’ is hard to come into because the fans got grit.”

While the Chiefs boast discipline in pre-snap penalties, having incurred only five false starts on the road, the fewest in the league, quarterback Patrick Mahomes acknowledges the unique challenge of playing at M&T Bank Stadium.

In November, Mahomes revealed on the “ManningCast” that only two stadiums forced him to employ silent counts-M&T Bank Stadium and Seattle’s Lumen Field-due to their deafening noise levels.