Tragedy Buffalo Bills center Mitch Morse and quarterback Shane Buechele, who have played alongside both Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes, compared the two ahead of Sunday’s matchup

Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills and Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs are two of the most-electrifying quarterbacks in the NFL today, constantly capturing the attention of fans over the past half-decade.

Very few players have had the opportunity to work alongside both quarterbacks, but the Bills happen to have two such players in starting center Mitch Morse and practice squad quarterback Shane Buechele. Ahead of the latest edition of the Allen-Mahomes rivalry on Sunday, both Morse and Buechele shared their thoughts on what makes the star quarterbacks similar and different.

Both guys are extremely competitive, are willing to lay their bodies on the line for the betterment of the team and winning games,” Morse told reporters Thursday. “They also both command the respect and the love of their respective locker rooms and they both do a great job of commanding a huddle.”

Buechele, who joined the Bills’ practice squad in August after spending the last two seasons with the Chiefs, has not only played with both Mahomes and Allen, but learned under them as a fellow quarterback. Naturally, the former Texas and SMU quarterback had some very high praise for his star-studded peers.

“A lot of people see the physical things on the field, the way [Mahomes] gets away from pressures, obviously all the crazy throws but people don’t realize how much work he puts in behind the scenes of the physical things but also the mental, just watching film, the attention to detail,” Buechele said.

It’s been amazing. Being with him [Allen], I’ve learned a ton,” Buechele added. “Super talented guy and a great dude, a great teammate. And so the way he prepares too is different and he does it the right way and so just learning different things from both of those guys has really helped my game out for sure.”