Travis kelce Apologize to NFL On Patrick mahomes Behave, 3 weeks Suspension is not the right thing,

Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce issued an apology on social media to his teammate NFL Cochrane shortly after Saturday’s practice after a video emerged of Kelce throwing a punch at him.Chiefs beat writer Nick Roesch posted the video of Kelce catching a touchdown pass from Patrick Mahomes in practice on Saturday, and some extracurricular activities ensued shortly after the catch.

Cochrane appeared to give Kelce a shove after making the touchdown catch over him, which led to Kelce throwing a punch at CochraneBoth players were separated following the incident, luckily avoiding any escalation of things. However, Kelce appears to realize that he was in the wrong in this situation.

Kelce took to social media shortly after Saturday’s practice, where he posted a vague tweet that seems to be about this incident saying that he “needs to be a better leader”.“Gotta be a better teammate gotta be a better leader… plain and simple,” tweeted KelceWe see fights break out all the time in training camp, but for a respected player like Kelce to be losing his cool like this certainly isn’t a good look.

This actually isn’t the first time this training camp that Kelce has been seen throwing punches at a teammate. Another similar video emerged from Friday’s practice that shows Kelce throwing multiple punches at second-year cornerback Dicaprio Bootle