Travis Kelce Ask Who Kill My Fans ,, Police are conducting an investigation into the deaths of three Kansas City Chiefs fans following the Buffalo vs. Kansas City Chiefs game. Authorities are working to determine the individuals responsible for causing these fatalities.

a group of Kansas City Chiefs fans got together to watch the last game of the regular season. Three of those friends never came home. The night passed, and the next day, and the night after that, and the next day. Their families grew increasingly anxious. Finally, on the night of Tuesday the 9th, a woman called the police after making a horrifying discovery.

“I got a call at work telling me that my son had passed,” said Jennifer Marquez, mother of one of the men. “And that they found him frozen in the backyard.”

Her son, David Harrington, 37, was found dead outside a friend’s home in the Kansas City Northland. So were Ricky Johnson, 38; and Clayton McGeeney, 36. Police said they found “no obvious signs of foul play.”

No one has been arrested or charged. A medical examiner is investigating to see what caused the men’s deaths. An attorney for the man who lived at the home where the dead men were found said his client was cooperating with authorities.

“So he’s devastated by the loss of his friends,” John Picerno told CNN affiliate KMBC. “If there was something he could’ve done to help them, he would’ve done it.”But more than two weeks later, the mystery continues to puzzle the Kansas City community. Harrington’s parents told CNN in separate phone interviews that they don’t understand the timeline.

“So when did he actually die?” Harrington’s father, Jon Harrington, asked. “I mean, there’s 48 hours in there.”“Nothing’s making sense right now,” said his mother, Jennifer Marquez

Police said the emergency call came from the fiancée of one of the three dead men who went looking for him at the friend’s house. (It’s not clear whether the men watched the game there or stopped by afterwards.) According to Marquez, the fiancée told her what happened.

“She told me that she tried the doors, tried the gate, and eventually just — her phone was saying that Clayton was there. You know, it was pinging off his phone…So she knew something was up.”