Travis Kelce calls brother Jason the ‘sexiest man on the planet’ after hilarious clip emerges of him getting trolled on the golf course by ex-Eagles teammates about the Chiefs star


Travis Kelce called his older brother, Jason Kelce, the ‘sexiest man on the planet’ after a clip emerged of him getting trolled by ex-Eagles teammates on the golf course about the Chiefs megastar.

The clip shows Jason Kelce about to hit a shot from the fairway towards the green while former Eagles defensive tackle Beau Allen talks a bunch of crap at his expense.

The jabs have no boundaries and attack every facet of the now-retired offensive lineman’s life.

Jason Kelce seems to take the barbs in stride, as he is used to criticism from media and the internet.

All-things Kelce have skyrocketed in popularity since Travis and Jason faced each other in last year’s Super Bowl, and Travis started publicly dating 14-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift last September.

Travis Kelce’s status as risen to incredible heights since starting his romance with Swift

‘Kelce, how do you handle a little s***-talking?’ Allen said watching Kelce’s swing from about 15 feet away.

‘I don’t know. I didn’t think it was going to happen, but now I am,’ Kelce responded.

‘I’m more of a fan of your brother anyway,’ Allen started with the obvious dig.

‘Join the club,’ Kelce retorted of his co-host of the ‘New Heights’ podcast.

‘Better athlete, better celebrity,’ Allen continued.

‘At least I’m better looking,’ Kelce stated.

‘Better dancer!’ Allen finished.