Travis kelce Ex lover Nicole Kayla, she is now developed interest on Jalen Hurts after his break up with Travis Kelce. Despite being aware of Hurts’ relationship status, Kayla’s flirtatious posts elicited a variety of reactions from fans.

in the world of celebrity romance and sports drama, model Kayla Nicole found herself at the center of attention as she openly flirted with Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts on social media, causing quite a stir among fans.

Reposting a video of Hurts from Monday night, where the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback was spotted courtside at Wells Fargo Center, Kayla shared her admiration with the caption, “Fly eagles fly.” However, her playful admiration didn’t end there.In a follow-up post, the 32-year-old influencer wrote, “Y’all have eyes too,” accompanied by a crying-laughing emoji, leaving followers to speculate on the nature of her comments.

While Kayla didn’t provide further context, some X users were quick to remind her that Jalen is reportedly in a committed relationship with Bryonna “Bry” Burrows. The couple has been dating on and off since their university days at the University of Alabama.

“Jalen already has a Black Queen! Relax,” one X user warned Nicole, referencing Burrows, while someone else wrote “That man is in a relationship lmao. Leave him alone please.”

Some defended her lighthearted comments, emphasizing that she was merely acknowledging the quarterback’s attractiveness.”She literally doing what most women do even though he is in a relationship. Anybody with eyes can see that man is attractive and she acknowledged it,” some netizen recognized.

Kayla, who was previously romantically linked to Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, has been navigating the public eye’s scrutiny. After distancing herself from Kelce and his new flame, Taylor Swift, she addressed the challenges of being caught in a “media storm” during a panel at Advertising Week in New York.

The model and sports enthusiast has a history of supporting football teams, having previously cheered for the Chiefs during her relationship with Kelce.As the online discussion unfolds, it remains to be seen how Jalen Hurts and his girlfriend Bryonna Burrows will respond to Kayla’s playful admiration, adding a touch of celebrity romance and sports intrigue to the ongoing drama