Travis Kelce Said he’s fully ready to  Engaging the music ICON Taylor swift

After delighting the masses with an MTV Movie Awards Best Kiss-worthy smooch in Argentina, Taylor Swift and apparent boyfriend Travis Kelce are taking their affections online. Facebook doesn’t have the “poke” feature anymore, so Swift and Kelce seem to be opting for the next-best thing—and, luckily for eagle-eyed fans, it’s more public than pokes ever were.

On Wednesday’s episode of the New Heights podcast, which Travis co-hosts with his brother Jason Kelce, the siblings discussed both Travis’ new football record and a notable liker of the Chiefs’ Instagram post celebrating the achievement.

“You might not care about records, but you know who does?” Jason ribbed his brother on the podcast. “A 92 Percenter by the name of Taylor Swift. That’s right, she liked an Instagram announcement from the Chiefs about you breaking this record.”

The like didn’t go unnoticed by Swifties either, with comments on the post including, “HERE BC TAYLOR LIKED IT,” “big reputation, big reputation,” and “Go Taylor’s Boyfriend!”

“Alright now,” Travis responded to his brother with a laugh. “Um, thanks Tay. I appreciate you on the Chiefs page supporting the Yeti.” Asked by Jason if she’s “always been a fan of tight end receiving yards,” Travis shot back, “I don’t know if she’s a fan of tight ends or not. I’ll have to ask her.”

Swift also may have winked at her apparent beau in an Instagram caption celebrating her recent shows in Brazil and closing out her touring year.“To the people who came to see it, you are what made those stadiums feel so alive and electric and unforgettable for me,” she wrote, employing one of Travis’ go-to adjectives, “electric.” In fact, Travis used the same word to describe seeing Swift play in Argentina on a previous podcast episode.

“I was enjoying myself down there in Buenos Aires,” he said earlier this month. “The show was even more electric knowing that I had a little more to enjoy it for and, yeah, Taylor absolutely ripped it. She killed it. It looked like she was having fun up there.”