Travis Kelce’s Mom Gets Honest on Bond with Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift became a part of the Kansas City Chiefs’ narrative for their Super Bowl LVIII run the moment she started dating Travis Kelce.

It may have seemed like a bit of a rollercoaster for NFL fans and Swifties alike, but it was an interesting cultural moment that allowed fans to see brand-new perspectives and introduce plenty of girlfriends and wives to one of the biggest sporting brands in the world.

However, all of the noise surrounding their relationship is getting in the way of the only opinion that matters, which is Donna Kelce’s. The Kelce matriarch had her thoughts on her son’s lover, and her opinion will have many Swifties and members of the Chiefs Kingdom smiling from ear to ear.

Donna Kelce loves being around Taylor Swift during Kansas City Chiefs games
The Spun’s Andrew Holleran wrote about Donna Kelce’s thoughts on how the Kelces and Swifts have connected ever since their most popular children have gotten together under intense public scrutiny.

According to US Weekly, Donna Kelce has grown extremely close to Taylor Swift.

“Both of their families love them as a couple and Taylor has become even more close with Travis’ mom, [Donna],” a source told Us Weekly. “Taylor has really been integrated into the family.”

The source continued: “They have fully embraced her. It’s a whole new world and chapter for her.”

Donna Kelce has previously opened up about what it’s been like to have her son dating Taylor Swift.

“I feel like I’m in an alternate universe because it’s something I’ve never been involved with before,” she joked earlier this season.

For a guy like Travis who values his mom, he must be loving the fact that Taylor managed to effortlessly win his mom over. The New Heights host made it clear over the years how much his family means to him, so for his girlfriend to have won over his family so easily would make her even more lovable to him.