UNICAF Online Scholarship

UNICAF Online Scholarship – Apply For Online Degree Programs

To apply for the UNICAF online studies, you must first review your course of study plus the university you are applying for.

Remember, this Online degree studies is partially sponsored by UNICAF Scholarship Program. This means that UNICAF will partly sponsor your degree programs until the finish.

Review the universities listed for the UNICAF Scholarship programs.

Listed Universities For UNICAF Online Scholarship Program.

Liverpool John Moores University>MA in Leadership in Education
>MA in Mass Communications
>MA in Education
>MA in International Relations
>MSc in Psychology
>MSc in International Public Health
>Postgraduate Certificate in Education (International)
University of Suffolk>MSc Public Health
>MBA – Master of Business Administration
University of East London>MBA
>LLM (General)
Unicaf UniversityBachelor

>BSc Accounting and Finance
>BSc in Accounting
>Bachelor in Hospitality Management
>Bachelor in Business Administration
>BA English Language and Literature
>BA in Economics and Business
>BSc in Computer Science
>BSc Supply Chain Management and >Logistics
>LLB Bachelor of Laws


>MBA – Master’s in Business Administration
>Masters in Education
>MA in Educational Leadership and Management
>Master of Arts in English Language and Literature
>MSc Managerial Psychology
>MSc Web Design and Development
>MSc Healthcare Management
>MBA Management
>MBA in Health Management
>MBA Management Information Systems
>MBA Finance
>MBA Oil, Gas and Energy Management
>MPA – Master of Public Administration
>LLM – Master of Laws


>Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD
>Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)
>Doctor of Education (Ed.D)
Unicaf University – Programmes in FrenchMaster’s

>Master en administration des affaires
>Master en administration des affaires – Management
>Master en administration des affaires – Gestion de la santé
>Master en administration des affaires – Gestion du pétrole, du gaz et de l’énergie
>Master en administration des affaires – >Management des systèmes d’information (MSI)
>Master en administration des affaires – Finance
>Master en Management de la Santé
>Master en psychologie du travail et des organisations

How to Apply

To apply for the UNICAF sponsored online degrees, follow the steps below;

1. Complete the Application form

This is part of the registration process and not a commitment, for either side.

2. Talk with your Student Adviser

After you submit the application form, a Student Adviser will contact you to discuss the following;

  • Your qualifications in relation to the course applied
  • Details about your chosen degree
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Whether you wish to study online, or through on-campus learning, (available through Unicaf University)
  • The documentation you need to provide for the processing of your application
  • The level of scholarship you are eligible for
  • A payment plan that suits your budget

3. Review of Your Documents

Once you have submitted all the requested documentation and have decided that you wish to proceed, your application will be reviewed by the Admissions Officer, to determine if your academic qualifications meet the minimum criteria for securing a place on your chosen programme of study and the requirements of the Scholarship Committee.

4. Receive Final Approval & Commence Your Studies

Your Student Adviser will contact you to inform you of the decision reached by the Admissions Officer and the Scholarship Committee.

If your application is successful and you become a Unicaf student, you can rest assured that the Unicaf team will continue to support you, every step of the way. Students who study online can take advantage of our Learning Centres, found at several locations worldwide.

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