Watch:Taylor Swift responds to a fan who criticized her for frequently kissing and being seen with her cat, stating, “I can’t be without my cat.


Global pop icon Taylor Swift has responded to recent criticism from a fan who questioned her frequent displays of affection towards her beloved cat, Travis.

Swift, known for her close bond with her pets, took to social media to address the criticism head-on, emphasizing the importance of her feline companion in her life.

In her response, Swift expressed her unwavering love for Travis and defended her decision to publicly showcase their bond. She highlighted the role that Travis plays in providing comfort, companionship, and joy in her life, stating, “I can’t be without my cat, Travis.” Swift’s heartfelt response resonated with fans, many of whom applauded her for speaking out in defense of her cherished pet and unapologetically embracing her love for animals.

As Swift continues to navigate the spotlight with grace and authenticity, her bond with Travis serves as a reminder of the importance of unconditional love and companionship in our lives.