we need young coach,, ;; Fans have expressed, and I’ll reiterate, the belief that the Kansas City Chiefs need a new coach to manage the team, as they feel Andy Reid can no longer deliver a satisfactory performance for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Andy Reid have grown weary of the recent string of losses. Amid a challenging run that has marked the second half of the 2024 NFL season, the Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs decided to overhaul the team’s strategy in a final push for a postseason berth.

Since their 24-9 defeat against the Denver Broncos in Week 8, the Chiefs have tallied three wins and five losses, dropping four of the last six and three of the last four games.n response to this losing streak and with a playoff spot hanging in the balance, Reid has taken decisive action to streamline the playbook, as reported by Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelisero.

Both insiders from NFL Network suggest that Reid intends to minimize the time spent transitioning players on and off the field during each play. This adjustment aims to help Mahomes and the team focus on executing their strengths

Under Reid’s leadership, Kansas City has consistently ranked among the top six teams in the league for points scored. However, this season, they find themselves at number 11. In total yards, they currently hold the ninth position, a step down from last year when they secured the top spot.

As of Week 16, Mahomes ranks fifth in yards scored, a departure from the previous year when he dominated this category. His quarterback rating, which was the best among starting quarterbacks last year at 105.2, has dipped to an average of 91.7 points this year, placing him outside the top ten.

Only time will reveal the outcome of Reid’s decision. A successful adjustment could propel them to a second consecutive Super Bowl, while a misstep might result in an early exit for the reigning champions