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America has always dined on the delicious droppings off and under England’s Royal table.



As a journalist dispatched to England from 1981 to 2013 to cover the British Royal family at weddings, leisure, or each other’s throats, it was a chance to watch the Brit tabloid press sprout like mushrooms after rain reporting on royal missteps and misdeeds.



The latest version of the War of Independence — the hasty exit to America by England’s Prince Harry and his American actress wife, Meghan Markle, to escape bullying from the Brit press and crippling royal family control — is yet another paean to royal pain.



The new royal rift surfaced this week in advance of a well publicized Oprah interview Sunday with America’s transplanted British royalty, known simply as “Harry and Meghan,” who are also known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


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Enter Oprah!
Originally intended to showcase the couple’s new life in America away from England’s royal interference and bullying primarily by the pens of the Brit tabloid press, a pregnant Markle, expecting her second child, was sent a Brit brick this week in advance of the interview with Oprah, a friend who attended their royal wedding


Only this time Meghan was the subject of a story in the mainstream Times of London newspaper accusing her of bullying her royal staff while living at Kensington Palace in October 2018, before the couple’s headline-grabbing wedding.



Based on a formal complaint filed in October 2018 with the palace by a member of the royal staff, the report accuses her of bullying and distressing her royal aides so seriously that two of them fled the royal household.


Meghan Markle
Tears were mentioned.
The accusations were then followed closely by news Buckingham Palace, the royal family’s personal PR juggernaut known as “The Firm,” felt the allegations were serious enough to investigate!



By the way, the titular head of “The Firm” is Queen Elizabeth, Harry’s grandmother — who is awaiting word on the recovery of her 99-year-old husband, Prince Phillip, from a heart procedure this week.


Drama. Drama. Pain. Trauma.

Oprah is now making it clear “there is no subject that is off limits.”

Although royal tabloid watchers (reporters) were notorious in the past for making stuff up, there was always plenty of royal gravy to be absorbed by London’s 10-plus healthy newspapers!


  • The insulting theatrics of royal divorcee Princess Margaret, a notorious table mate from hell, who demanded a curtsy and bow before entering her swimming pool on the isle of Mustique. She also made headlines calling the Irish “pigs” during a private party she attended in a very Irish 1970s Chicago.



  • Princess Diana’s secret royal love letter stash at London’s popular San Lorenzo Italian eatery during a secret dalliance; and her affair with Brit cavalry officer James Hewitt, the cad who eventually told.



    meghan markle

  • The infamous sex phone tapes between Prince Charles and his mistress (now wife) Camilla Parker-Bowles, which were as weird as his conversations with plants to encourage growth.



  • Prince Andrew’s murky playboy friendship with notorious sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein and whose name appeared on an FBI list of possible people to question.


 Meghan Markle

  • The escapades of Sarah Ferguson,the incredibly likable “Fergie,” the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, once caught attempting to sell access to her ex-husband because she was cash strapped.


“Fergie” has since been shut out of Brit royal weddings, including Harry and Meghan’s, on the orders of the Queen.




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