What Are You Wanting Ahead To This Month?

bright green blue and yellow notes with the words HOW ARE YOU? written on the top note held against a bulletin board with a pink pushpin

By request, it’s one other “Hayadoin” submit!

First, again once I lived in New Jersey, there have been many novelty songs in regards to the 1999/2000 Yankees, together with “Haya Doin,” composed and carried out by Joseph “Joey Balls” Summa and Carmine  “Carmanooch” Famiglietti. As I’m typing this, on repeat in my foolish, drained mind is, “Bitches, hayadoin? Ha-ha-ya doin?”

If this earworm is in any respect acquainted to you, I apologize for resurrecting it.

So, in any case, hayadoin? What are you trying ahead to this month?

As for me, August is the beginning of faculty for many individuals, and for us the tip of sleepaway camp and the return of the youngsters who will moan and groan about how humid it’s. Sure, it’s humid. It’s like this yearly! Like a sweaty, chowder-air current for the world. Faculty beginning this yr shall be bizarre, too, after a yr of at-home and hybrid studying. I’ll be trustworthy, I’m going to overlook the hybrid schedule the place lessons began at 9am as a substitute of 7am! Higher for everybody’s brains, particularly mine.

However till the beginning of Fall Mayhem Oh Gosh The Alarm is Set So Early, I’m making an attempt new recipes and sitting exterior as a lot as attainable. Some latest faves:

What about you? Something you’re anticipating fortunately this month? Please inform us about it!


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