Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans are convinced that Kylie Jenner is pregnant again. They think she’s hiding it but planning a big reveal.




Fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians are noting possible clues that Kylie Jenner may be hiding another pregnancy. Following her Kylie Baby announcement earlier this year, some spectators think Kylie might be waiting to announce her second pregnancy through a launch campaign for her new baby brand. Since she successfully hid her first pregnancy with Stormi Webster, fans think Kylie is capable of accomplishing the same feat again.



For the last few months, Kylie fans have been digging into rumors surrounding the beauty mogul’s possible pregnancy. If true, it would be the second for Kylie after welcoming Stormi with rapper Travis Scott in 2018. The couple confirmed their reconciliation through a red carpet appearance over the summer. All the while, her followers have noticed Kylie’s pause from the party life and avoidance of posting sultry shots of her body like she’s known to do. Some onlookers have even noticed that Kylie hasn’t been seen drinking any alcoholic beverages when out with her friends.



Considering her history of hiding pregnancies, people are starting to wonder if the rumors are true.




With the Kylie pregnancy rumors heating up, Reddit user u/VisitMedium explained why a second unexpected pregnancy reveal wouldn’t garner as much “clout” as Kylie’s first pregnancy. “The first time was definitely because she got pregnant by a new man (Travis) super fast and she didn’t want people judging her,” they said.



The world was shocked when Kylie confirmed her pregnancy after already welcoming Stormi at the age of 20. She and Travis had not been dating for a full year when they welcomed a child together.

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However, this time around, they’re older, more established, and have been rumored to be dating for years.



Kylie has also risen in fame and power. Now, there isn’t much need for her to hide a pregnancy other than maybe just wanting to protect her peace.


However, the Redditor accused Kylie of possibly keeping her alleged pregnancy secret in order “to promote Kylie baby with the pregnancy and that’s just disturbing considering she acted like she wanted life away from the limelight and she wanted different for her kids,” they remarked.



Another Redditor, backpack33, defended her, explaining that if Kylie was hiding a pregnancy, it wouldn’t be to promote products. It would be to enjoy a peaceful pregnancy.



“She has previously said how much she enjoyed a private pregnancy, being able to relax and take a break from life in the spotlight,” they said.




They went on to note all the body-shaming Kylie’s older sister Kim Kardashian went through during her pregnancy with North West. “It makes sense someone would want to avoid that stress,” they added.



The speculation comes after Kylie seemingly switched up her social media activity. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star hasn’t really insinuated that she is pregnant. However, she may enjoys watching the fan frenzy over the unverified hearsay.


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