Why i didnt get hired

I Wasn’t Hired B’cos Of My Facebook Account. Is that even possible?! Learn Why…

Do you realize that your social media lifestyle can really prevent you from getting recruited?

From a wild tweet or an imprudent post, you might miss out on a likely activity.

As indicated by an overview gathered information, over 70% of managers influence social media life stages to screen out potential employment seekers. The aftereffect of the overview indicated that 57% of the businesses discovered some illicit behaviours online that made them not to recruit some group of job seekers.

Taking into account the abovementioned, this article will investigate how Social Media can prevent you from being employed. Thus, hold on and unwind, while I do equity to the topic.

Why I Got Rejected Because Of My Facebook Account

1. Online Reputation

Your tweets and posts are an impression of your lifestyle outside social media. Your online posts Facebook are the early introduction an imminent boss would have about you.

According to Harris Poll, employers who would not employ potential job seekers because of their lifestyle online, have these to say;

  • 40% of the employers said job seekers posted inappropriate or provocative photos, information or videos.
  • 36% of the employers said job seekers shared information about them using drugs or drinking.
  • 31% of the employers said job seekers made discriminatory comments related to gender, age, and religion, among others.
  • 30% of employers asserted that candidates were linked to criminal behaviour.
  • 27% of the employers said job seekers lied about their qualification
  • Another 27% of the employers laid claim to the fact that job seekers were lacking in good communication skills.
  • 25% of the employers said job seekers bad-mouthed their previous boss or fellow colleagues.
  • 22% of the employers said job seekers had an unprofessional screen name.
  • 20% of the employers said jobs seekers posted too frequently and they share confidential information from their previous employers.

2. Private Profile

It’s anything but a decent sign if a potential recruiting supervisor sees your social media accounts a private one. It shows up as though you don’t have anything to show or you have something to cover up, the two of which will make employers uninterested in your resume.

A Clinical Associate Professor of marketing who works at the College of William and Mary, Dawn Edmiston revealed to CIO.com that he thinks about how tech experts would not have an online profile when different experts keep up a vigorous Twitter and Linkedln profiles.

Edmiston advises work searchers to draw a line between their own and expert personas.

3. You are on Facebook but inactive

Being idle via social media could affect your quest for new employment.

Wayne A. Lynch, the Managing accomplice of Vaco proposes that a job seeker ought not to maintain a poorly presented social media profile.

Being active shows you know how to engage with an audience. Social media is also an opportunity to showcase to the world that you have the ability to network, curate content and engage others.



As you have seen, it is of optimum importance to maintain a good reputation on social media.

It could be your ‘doom’ and also your ‘destiny’. Be cautious of what you put up there. It might determine your employ ability fate.

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