‘WHY ME? WHAT DID I DO WRONG?’ King Charles IGNORES Meghan’s Petition For New Title While PROMOTING Anne.

King Charles, Meghan Markle and Anne


It seems Meghan Markle’s quest for status and titles within the British royal family continues to face setbacks. Recent reports indicate Meghan lobbied King Charles for a new title upon his ascension to the throne.


King Charles, Meghan Markle and Anne

However, in what must have been a stinging blow to Meghan’s ego, Charles ignored her request.

Instead of promoting Meghan as she desperately wanted, Charles chose to recognize another member of the royal family – his sister Princess Anne. He gave Anne the prestigious new role of Earl Marshal, demonstrating where his priorities truly lie. This surely caused an epic meltdown for the primadonna Duchess, who cannot stand any limelight being shifted away from herself.

As someone who infamously wrote that she would never be a mere ‘housewife’, Meghan has clearly never embraced humility. All she cares about is status and living up to her bloated ego. Yet her biggest “accomplishment” remains some minor cable TV acting years ago. She is no career woman like she portrays either, proven to be a fraud who scammed her way into the actors’ union.

It’s no surprise that Meghan resorts to manipulation, as evidenced by how she entrapped the vulnerable Prince Harry. The way she was seen affectionately embracing another man in a way Harry could only dream of speaks volumes. Her constant fiddling with devices at public events also raises eyebrows.

Along with failing to launch any successful ventures like her pathetic lifestyle brand Archetypes, one of Harry’s close friends publicly mocked Meghan’s feeble merchandise. Even more embarrassing was her becoming more plastic-looking than any Kardashian, undergoing procedures to attain unrealistic beauty standards at age 41.

Clearly insecure and obsessive about status, Meghan dedicates every speech to endless mentions of herself like “I, me, my”. She deludedly believes any title will fulfill her thirst for fame. But it has left her a complete joke compared to the gracing Duchess of Cambridge, who embraces challenges with incredible spirit.

As more reports surface of Meghan’s title demands being ignored, her ego must be shattered. While the royals recognise true dedication like Princess Anne’s, Meghan sits at home crying into her dog bowl. No amount of status will satisfy her insatiable hunger, as she has no self-awareness or substance. Without royal connections, she is nothing – just a fraud and a punchline who trapped the wrong man to fuel her hollow dreams.