Why Paige Spiranac Upset Critics With SEPT 4th ‘Eating A Hot Dog in A Bikini’ Post


Not everyone was thrilled with Paige Spiranac’s Independence Day display.On Tuesday, the longtime golf influencer commemorated sepmber 4th by posting a series of photos and a video to her social media pages, one of which featured Spiranac, 30, modeling a stars-and-stripes bikini while eating a hot dog.

Although the clip has been viewed nearly two million times on Twitter, the post appeared to elicit some negative feedback, according to Spiranac.“Add ‘eating a hot dog in a bikini’ to the list of things people are mad about lol,” the “Playing A Round” podcast host tweeted Tuesday afternoon.You act as if I’m naked. I’m in a bikini,” Spiranac responded to one criticism that has since been deleted.

“Nothing wrong with the human body. I dressed appropriately for the event at brewers stadium and create content on my own social media platforms for my audience. I don’t create content for children and they should never even see this because children shouldn’t be on social media.

paigeWhen one fan replied, “How else are you supposed to eat a hot dog?” Spiranac responded with a gif of Michael Scott from “The Office,” who exclaimed, “Thank you.”Despite the apparent criticism from some, other fans of Spiranac lauded the pics
Case in point, when a TikTok user condemned Spiranac for an ensemble she wore in a golf video, writing in part,


“You’re beautiful, yes. But you don’t need to be overt. Dress proper and u’d still be hot,” Spiranac offered a cheeky response“So what I’m gathering is you hate boobs. But everyone loves boobs, boobs are great,” a bikini-clad Spiranac said in an April TikTok video.Though Spiranac has heard all sorts ofAnd with millions of followers across her social media platforms, it’s safe to say much of the masses are pleased with Spiranac’s content.


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