A month after their breakup was announced, Taylor released a fresh song titled “You’re Losing Me.” Now, Joe Alwyn is making a comeback, begging her to reconsider.


While the two had always kept their relationship incredibly private when it came to media appearances and interviews, Taylor actually chronicled their entire romance through her music — so fans were left stunned by the breakup news that appeared to be at odds with her happy love songs.



Neither Taylor nor Joe has ever publicly acknowledged the split, but a source told People magazine at the time that Joe had struggled with her recent return to the mainstream as a pop superstar amid her record-breaking Eras Tour, which had kicked off a month earlier.


This inspired fans to retrospectively analyze Taylor’s October 2022 album, Midnights, and its bonus 3am Edition tracks as they started to speculate that it had actually been inspired by the slow demise of the relationship.


When Taylor first announced the album, she described it as “the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life,” but it was soon theorized that many of those nights were much more recent than she’d let onIn “Bejeweled,” Taylor reflects on actively dulling her sparkle because she has been so focused on her relationship, and vows to “reclaim” the popularity she once had.


Which is undeniably a pretty accurate depiction of the star’s approach to 2023.After spending the previous six years still releasing music but largely keeping a low profile, Taylor absolutely dominated the last 12 months and became one of the most in-demand celebrities on the planet — with interest surrounding her fueled by paparazzi photos, public appearances, and her incredibly high-profile new relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce.


In the song, Taylor makes it clear that if she is forced to choose between the glitz and glamor of celebrity life and her private relationship, she’ll be choosing the former. A similar sentiment is found in the song “Midnight Rain,” where Taylor admits to “chasing” fame over a relationship with somebody who wants to settle down.