Before rising to NFL stardom, Patrick Mahomes II was known to shag fly balls at Shea Stadium with the New York Mets.


Before Patrick Mahomes II was winning Super Bowls and serving as a minority owner of the Kansas City Royals, he was patrolling the outfield at Shea Stadium as a four-year-old.His father, Pat Mahomes Sr., played two seasons for the New York Mets in 1999 and 2000. Mahomes Sr. made sure that his son got to tag along and hang out with him and the team.


Four years old is a little on the young side for the son of a relief pitcher to bring his kid to work and let him shag fly balls, but the elder Mahomes made it happen.By 2000, as the Mets were preparing to make a push for the World Series, the future Kansas City Chiefs quarterback was not only working the outfield but he was swinging the bat in the cage, too.


He was also making friends with his father’s teammates, according to a recent piece at the players that took to the youngster were outfielders Benny Agbayani and Rickey Henderson, pitcher Mike Hampton, along with first basemen John Olerud and Todd Zeile.


Even then, Agbayani said, he could tell that the younger Mahomes was on his way to something special.He was right. Before Mahomes went to Texas Tech to play quarterback, he was drafted late by the Detroit Tigers. But he stuck with football, became a first-round NFL pick and was picked an NFL Most Valuable Player. He’ll play in the Super Bowl on Sunday, looking for his third championship.