Accusing Travis Kelce of irresponsibility for endorsing the COVID-19 vaccine and alleging financial influence from Pfizer, especially in contrast to his support for Kyrie Irving.

Colby Covington weighed in on the Covid-19 vaccine discussion by calling Travis Kelce irresponsible for promoting the jab and accusing him of being paid off by Pfizer, whilst he backed Kyrie Irving.Covington made the comments on a podcast shortly after his defeat to Leon Edwards at UFC 296, which he lost via unanimous decision to the British fighter on December 16.

The MMA fighter also accused Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship as fake and orchestrated by the left wing political sphere, as he appeared on the talk show wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat, the slogan of Donald Trump.He’s not like a guy like Travis Kelce out there who’s believing in: ”Oh, I’m paid off by Pfizer; guys, get two shots at the same time,” Covington said to PBD podcast. “That’s the healthiest thing you could ever do with your life.’

“That’s irresponsible. Travis Kelce is one of the biggest pieces of s*** of all time the fact that he’s advising people to do that.”ne person who was famously outspoken against the vaccine was Kyrie Irving, the point guard for the Dallas Mavericks. Irving’s stance is based on the freedom of choice and bodily autonomy.Irving is not vaccinated and refuses to do so, which Covington respects as he claimed that players have told him the NBA attempts to silence and control the political output of their athletes