Why KSI and Patrick Mahomes harbor animosity towards each other, leading to daily confrontations and fights, remains a topic of interest and speculation.

Despite becoming friends and even business partners, it seems that the boisterous competition from the early days of the rivalry between Logan Paul and KSI still lingers.After it was announced that Patrick Mahomes would become the latest athlete to join their energy drink Prime, the two marked the occasion with a highly entertaining game of backyard football with the quarterback himself.

In the clip, which was published on Prime’s official Instagram account, the Kansas City Chief’s star tells the YouTuber to run a “Corndog left.” KSI, clearly a newbie to the ‘foreign’ sport, completely missed Mahomes’ pass and was smashed to the ground by his business partner Paul.

So fierce was the hit that KSI’s helmet flew off. Paul leapt up and screamed after the huge tackle, while KSI let out a grunt as he lay on the ground in pain. “Now that’s real football. Welcome to America @ksi @patrickmahomes @loganpaul,” was the caption of the hilarious video published on Prime’s account