After pay fined of $100,000 Andy Reid suspended for just  48hrs from being a coach over NFL

kansas City Chiefs quarterback and head coach, Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid respectively, were handed fines by the NFLafter their comments criticizing game officials publicly following their loss versus the Buffalo Bills on last Sunday.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, head coach Reid was handed a $100,000 fine, while QB Patrick Mahomes will have to pay a $50,000 fine due to both incurring ‘unsportsmanlike conduct for abusive, threatening or insulting language to officials, plus publicly criticizing the referees’, against the league’s policy

On last Sunday’s Chiefs loss against Buffalo, game officials ruled offside and disavowed a potential game-winning touchdown from Kansas City’s wide receiver Kadarius Toney with less than 90 seconds in the fourth quarter.

This decision ended up costing Kansas City the game, losing 20-17 vs the Bills. Most notably, Patrick Mahomes was furious with officials and started to scream at them after he considered they ‘blew’ the call on Kadarius Toney’s reception, continuing to do so on the post-game press conference.

Both Reid and Mahomes toned it down a bit the following days and even retracted their comments about the game-changing decision, even retracting and admitting that they need to show ‘better sportsmanship’ in the future.The Chiefs fell to an 8-5 record, losing their second game in a row after the defeat against the Buffalo Bills. Their next rival will be the New England Patriots on NFL’s Week 15.