Getting married is not in my plan right now , so you people should stop fake news My Carer it very important first

Per Page Six, Taylor’s NFL beau Travis Kelce has asked the singer’s father Scott Swift’s permission for her hand in marriage. Additionally, it’s very possible that the duo will spend the holidays together.
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Scott has been asked for his blessing and has wholeheartedly given it, and Travis has been talking to friends about a ring,” a source close to the Kansa City Chiefs tight end revealed.There’s talk about the ring being designed or in his pocket already.

While the celebrities’ reps are keeping it low, it’s evidentthat this relationship is only going forward.Travis, 34, is “the most extroverted guy Taylor has dated in forever,” said the source. “This is so much truer to who Taylor is than any prior relationship.

Well, to add as an evidence is the fact that the duo has not shied away from the limelight since entering into their romance, which is completely altering from the pop star’s previous relationship where they were spotted out and about on rare sightings.

“If Taylor wants to change the lyrics to her song after four months of dating and sing in front of 60,000 people … Travis will stand there beaming for the crowd — he’s digging it,” said the source, referencing a November 13 Buenos Aires, Argentina, tour stop when Swift altered the lyrics to her song “Karma”: Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me.

“Taylor finally has a partner willing and game,” said the source. “He’s like, ‘I’ll stand by the side of the stage and wait for you to jump in my arms — I’ll do that!