Brittany Mahomes humorously mentioned that her daughters love her dog more than her. She playfully acknowledged that she can’t stay alone without her dog beside her, emphasizing that her furry friend receives 100 percent love, perhaps even more than herself as the mother.and father

patrick and Brittany Mahomes’ daughter Sterling Skye Mahomes is a cutie when she goes out in the yard looking for her dog.Brittany Mahomes wife of the Kansa City Chiefs quarterback shared a story on her Instagram account where the little cuddly Sterling is seen walking in her yard towards her dog to pet him

Brittany posted the video with the following caption:”Mommy I’m going to get my doggies, I will be right back.” “Love this girl so much.”Patrick and Brittany are parents to 2-year-old Sterling Skye and 11-month-old Bronze.
Patrick Mahomes is the father of the yearBrittany recently surprised Patrick by painting Sterling’s nails.”Is dad painting your nails?” she asked Sterling.

There is no doubt that Patrick and Brittany Mahomes are building and enjoying memorable family moments that Sterling and Bronze will remember with happiness for their entire live