Clark Hunt, Chairman and CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs, has stated that if Andy Reid loses the upcoming game, he will be replaced immediately. The expectation is that as a coach, Reid needs to deliver results for the team.

In a sense, there’s very little left for Andy Reid to accomplish. In another sense, given the way the Kansas City Chiefs are set up for long-term success, there are likely lots more accolades to come. Perhaps that’s why Chiefs owner Clark Hunt thinks Reid is going to be sticking around for the foreseeable future.

At this stage, Reid has done it all. He’s won personal awards and a couple of Super Bowls. He’s given two franchises the best stretch of football he possibly could. His coaching schemes and creative decisions have impacted the game’s direction in tremendous ways, making offenses far more effective and entertaining along the way. He also has a massive coaching tree that will ensure his legacy carries on for the next generation and beyond

Still, what is clear, despite the fact that Reid is now 65 years of age, is that he remains as energized as ever. Reid lacks no passion on the sidelines for the Chiefs these days, and he’s still spirited about the little things—the ins and outs of modern offenses and the ability to get training camp moving once again.

For a guy who started coaching back in 1982, that’s quite a drive.When speaking to reporters from training camp this week, Hunt was asked about Reid’s tenure and longevity for a franchise in which he’s already invested a decade of wisdom. However, Hunt headed off any retirement talks with some encouraging insight: “That’s never come up in my conversations with Andy,”

“As I see Andy, he remains incredibly energized and excited,” said Hunt. “He’s all about the Kansas City Chiefs and trying to get us back to the playoffs and win another Super Bowl. I think he has as much energy and passion as I’ve seen in the 10-plus years that he’s been with us.”