“Donna Kelce expresses pride, stating, ‘I’m a mother of two legends. I’m glad Jason has retired with a good reputation. Now, I need to focus on Travis Kelce alone.'”

Jason explained in the latest episode of the New Heights podcast that he shares with brother Travis, that Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni allowed him to address the team regarding his future on Monday night.

The All-Pro center said there was “too much emotion in the moment” after the game to grasp the decision to retire.

“It’s just something that I think you know when it’s time to officially announce you know what’s happening in the future it’ll be done in a way you know that’s definitive and pays respect to a lot of people that have meant a lot to me,” Jason added.

Jason’s address comes after rumors arose that he told his teammates he was retiring after the Eagles suffered a 9-32 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.Jason Kelce refuses to eat bland foods to maintain his weight.

“I can go to McDonald’s and eat food that I can figure out,” he added.”I can go to Wawa, look at the menu, and figure out what to have.

“I don’t need to have brown rice with chicken breast with no flavor.”If that’s what’s required of me to play in the NFL, I probably wouldn’t do it.”

As an offensive lineman, Jason Kelce has no desire to have a six-pack.

Rather he seeks to maintain his burly frame for the grueling position in the NFL trenches.“I think a lot of guys take nutrition really seriously,” Kelce told Sports Illustrated.

“There’s a level of it, right? As long as you’re in the middle, you’re going to be fine.”Some guys go over the top and want to have six-packs (abs) and all this stuff.”I don’t go to that level.”