“Donna Kelce, Travis Kelce’s mom, supports her son’s potential move to Hollywood once he retires from football with the Kansas City Chiefs, saying, ‘It’s possible!'”

Donna Kelce has tipped her youngest son Travis Kelce to become a movie star one day after he calls time on his NFL career as she thinks he can pull it off.

Speaking to ‘Extra’s’ Billy Bush on Wednesday, the only mom to have both of her sons face off in Super Bowl history, responded to all the chatter about the Chiefs tight end later moving to Hollywood after he appeared in several SNL sketches and TV ads in 2023.

When asked for her thoughts on Travis in the movies, The Expendables, Donna said: ‘That would be wild, but I think he could pull it off.Travis, and his older brother of two years, Jason, have five Super Bowl appearances between them and three rings.

Donna travels to their games, and is made sure to always be looked after when she flies to watch her sons play in the some of America’s most iconic stadiums.’They always take care of me, but no, I take care of my own travel because that’s the way I want it,’ she told Bush

While it ‘depends on how long [the flight is],’ Donna prefers to travel in coach if it’s ‘only a couple of hours’ and will pay the extra crash for first class if she’s going to Europe or Los Angeles.

Donna stressed that she is just ‘a normal mom,’ adding, ‘I feel that I represent a lot of moms. And that they’re exactly like me. I don’t feel any differently than any other mother.’When Bush complimented Donna for her past sacrifices, she remained humble: ‘I wasn’t the only mom,’ she said. ‘I’m sure yours did, too.’

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal last year, Travis opened up on the wears and tears on his body since he first came into the NFL as a third-round pick in 2013.He brought up the possibility of retiring, not too far down the line, but insists that time isn’t around the corner anytime soon.

Travis, who’s been dating Taylor Swift since September, is expected to play in the Chiefs’ AFC Divisional round matchup against the Buffalo Bills on Saturday.