Hard-Hitting ‘Stop and Start’ Reality Haunts Coco Gauff as ‘Olympic Sprinter’ Qualities Not Enough to Please Serena Williams’ Famous Coach

Coco Gauff has yet to see a lot in the tennis world. Although she has won her first Grand Slam title, she still has a long way to go before cementing her name as one of the best tennis players. Prior to that, however, the 19-year-old tennis player needs to understand the reality of the sport. Recently, Serena Williams‘ former coach, Rick Macci, who has lived and breathed tennis, talked about this actual athletic reality.

Even though the 68-year-old American tennis coach has shared his admission for the third-seeded tennis player, he believes opening her eyes to the actual world is also important. Let’s take a look at what Macci has to say about Coco Gauff gearing up to be a part of the bigger picture

The 19-year-old American tennis sensation has made Serena Williams’ former coach her fan with her amazing tennis skills. But there are still a lot of things that she needs to work on. Rick Macci recently appeared on the ‘Tennisnerd’ podcast to talk about the trending players present on both the ATP and WTA circuits. During the conversation, he praised the third-seeded tennis player but also put front a ‘stop and start,’ reality that she needs to understand

Macci said, “First off, I love Coco Gauff. Love the whole family. Olympic sprinter with a racket in her hand. People don’t like me saying that, but she is. And I’d love to see the 400 meter. I’m putting my money on Coco. You know, but I know it’s not track and field. tennis is stop and start.”