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In case you’re not familiar with the world of football, Patrick and Travis are teammates on the Kansas City Chiefs. As the quarterback and tight end, Patrick and Travis are widely regarded as one of the best QB and TE duos in NFL history.And as well as being a perfect match on the field, Travis and Patrick are good friends too — so it’s come as no surprise that Pat has weighed in on his teammate’s lovelife

In the unlikely event you need reminding, Travis’s relationship with Taylor Swift has become one of the biggest pop culture stories of the entire year.Even the NFL heavily embraced the fanfare in their coverage of the Chiefs’ games, namely by using Taylor’s songs in the broadcast and branding her face across its social media channels. This ultimately led to backlash from football fans and Swifites alike, with Travis himself even accusing the league of “overdoing it.”

But, despite all the headlines, Patrick told ESPN in a new interview that Travis’s private life has “not become a distraction” for the teamPeople see the whole Taylor Swift and Travis [thing] and they make it a huge deal because it is a huge deal,” he responded, before giving his thoughts on the hype. “I think it becomes a bigger deal to the fan bases than it does to the guys who are actually in the building.”