KC legend Patrick Mahomes predicts three straight Broncos plays without error and stuns Manning brothers

kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes impressed viewers during an appearance on in the show of Peyton and Eli Manning for the game between the Denver Broncos and the Buffalo Bills.Mahomes showcased his advanced American football knowledge by accurately predicting the Broncos’ play calling in the red zone

When asked by Eli Manning how the Broncos would score, Mahomes precisely foresaw the sequence: two runs followed by a hard play-action on third and short resulting in a touchdown.”They are going to run it twice and then go with a hard play-action on third and short that’s gonna get a touchdown,” said Mahomes in the ManningCast.


The actual game unfolded exactly as Mahomes had predicted, earning praise from fans for his astute analysis. The incident has sparked speculation about Mahomes’ potential future in broadcasting, drawing comparisons to former NFL quarterback Tony Romo, known for his uncanny play predictions in the booth.While predicting plays is just one aspect of broadcasting success, Mahomes’ accuracy has ignited curiosity about his potential interest in a broadcasting career post-playing days