Travis Kelce Reply Fans ,, ITS all About Truel Love not Money or Age or Fame is about someone you love with all your heart,,  Travis Kelce net worth is 40 million USD while Taylor Swift is 1 Billion USD

Travis joined the NFL in 2013 and has played for the Chiefs his whole career as the tight end (which I had to Google, and still have no clue what it means 😀). We all know professional football players get paid *well,* so I’m sure you can imagine there are quite a few zeros on his paychecks. In 2013, Travis reportedly signed a four-year, $3.12 million dollar deal with the team. Then in 2016, he reportedly signed a five-year *$45 million* extension that included $22 million guaranteed and ~$14 million annual salary. Despite his hefty paycheck, Travis told Vanity Fairin June 2023 that he’s actually underpaid compared to other players. “My managers and agents love to tell me how underpaid I am,” he said.

“You see how much more money you could be making and, yeah, it hits you in the gut a little bit. It makes you think you’re being taken advantage of. I don’t know if I really pressed the gas if I would get what I’m quote-unquote worth…But I enjoy coming to that building every single day.”

He’s also, like, really good at what he does. First of all, he’s apparently considered one of the greatest tight ends in NFL history (top five, to be exact). He’s also won two Super Bowls, has 825 receptions for 10,000+ yards, and 71 career touchdownsOver his career, Travis has broken record after record on the field…much like Taylor with music charts, wouldn’t you say?

Back in 2016, Travis starred in his own reality dating show on E! called Catching Kelce. He ended up choosing Maya Benberry as his winner, and they dated for a year before breaking up in early 2017Yes, Travis is very cool. In March 2023, he hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live following his Super Bowl LVII win that featured Kelsea Ballerini.Travis and his brother, Philadelphia Eagles player Jason Kelce, have a sports podcast together that you’ve definitely already heard of called New Heights. The podcast started in September 2022 and is still going strong with 63 episodes.