KC Legend Travis Kelce thanks Taylor Swift for fame boost in his podcast

gratitude to girlfriend Taylor Swift for the increased recognition he’s received. The football player, along with his brother Jason Kelce, showcased fan artwork featuring a humorous caricature of them hugging with personalized T-shirts.Travis’s shirt, emblazoned with “On the Map” and an outline of the United States beneath his face, sparked a playful comment from him: “Shout out to Taylor.” This reference humorously alludes to the internet joke attributing Travis’s rising popularity to his relationship with Taylor Swif

The couple, first linked in September, has since shared various public moments, from Taylor attending Chiefs games to meeting each other’s parents. Travis even spent time bonding with Taylor’s dad, Scott Swift, an avid Eagles fan.

As the Eagles and Chiefs gear up for a rematch on November 20, a source revealed that Taylor’s parents will be present, emphasizing the growing seriousness of the relationship. The insider shared, “Taylor and Travis both have a very close bond with their parents, and it’s really important that their families blend seamlessly.”

While Taylor’s performance commitments in Brazil may complicate her attendance, the source noted her dedication to being there when their parents meet. The upcoming game holds additional significance as it’s a rematch of the 2023 Super Bowl, creating an intriguing backdrop for the couple’s evolving relationship.

This charming tale of love and sportsmanship not only highlights the couple’s personal connection but also captures the essence of Travis Kelce’s newfound celebrity, playfully acknowledged with the phrase “On the Map.” As Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce navigate the world of fame and football, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapters of this unique love story.