Travis Kelce MUST perform vs Eagles – criticized for being at World Series before Denver loss, lackluster vs Dolphins, and a bye week in Argentina, his team needs the best version of Taylor Swift’s boyfriend

In football circles, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was already well-known.He’s the greatest positional advantage in the crazed world of fantasy football as a common first-round draft pick. Kelce is also well on his way to being a Hall of Famer as an unguardable behemoth.

Kelce was already a transcendent figure in the sports world before the month of September. His outspoken interviews and touchdown celebrations are only dwarfed by his skill.The 34-year-old missing the Chiefs’ season opener against the Detroit Lions seems like forever ago. So does when he faked his injury a week later, turning his limp into a twerk, knowing all cameras in Kansas City were already pointed at him.

Then his level of celebrity ballooned beyond any level just associated with the gridiron. That’s what happens when you date Taylor Swift. That’s what happens when you date the most popular celebrity on the planetKelce brought this whirlwind on himself and he admitted as much on his podcast, New Heights, which he hosts with older brother and Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce.

How big the storm surrounding Swift and Kelce’s romance has gotten couldn’t have been predicted, maybe outside of everything Swift touches these days appears to raise several tax brackets.