Patrick Mahomes decided not to allow Jackson Mahomes to join him, Taylor Swift, and Travis Kelce in celebrating the New Year at his house, citing Jackson’s inappropriate behavior as the reason for the exclusion.

Patrick Mahomes’ brother Jackson has been the center of controversy, particularly for an alleged sexual battery incident involving a 40-year-old woman, Aspen Vaughn

Social media users frequently criticize Jackson for the incident, and as he celebrated the New Year on Instagram, trolls seized the opportunity to mention his upcoming preliminary hearing for the case in 2024The sexual battery case surfaced in February 2023, following the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win, with Mahomes accused of non-consensual kissing and pushing a waiter on the same day.

Jackson’s lawyers denied the allegations, arguing that one video clip doesn’t prove guilt. After continued investigation, Jackson was arrested in May 2023 on a $100,000 bond. The preliminary hearing, initially set for August 2023, was postponed to January 2024.Despite some positive comments on Jackson’s social media, many users focused on his legal troubles, referencing a court order suggesting he may be prohibited from drinking alcohol.

“Hopefully no one was assaulted,” a user wroteAnother added: “Whoaa why is Jackson here and he is suppose to be in jail for LIFE sentence. Oh Jackson is in big trouble violation his court order…. I dont think Happy New Year for Jackson Mahoney can’t trust him.”

The Mahomes family has remained mostly silent on the matter, while Vaughn’s business suffered and eventually closed. Jackson took a social media hiatus after the arrest but gradually returned, with reduced activity on platforms like TikTok.