The Chiefs, boasting a record of 10 wins and 6 losses, are scheduled to face the Chargers on Sunday. However, this game holds minimal significance for them as they’ve already clinched a spot in the playoffs and are firmly secured as the number 3 seed.

The Kansas City Chiefs made it to the playoffs after defeating the Cincinnati Bengals on New Year’s Eve. However, this time the Red Army isn’t looking as dominant as it was in the past seasons.

Nevertheless, as they are left with just one regular season game, coach Andy Reid is reportedly planning to make some roster changes in the team against the Los Angeles Chargers. If history repeats itself, spectators might not witness the likes of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce in action this weekend.

The team’s key starters have genuine reasons to use an opportunity to sit out this weekend as they can use this time for the much-needed ‘mental rest’ too. After Week 17, the Chiefs won the AFC West, but again,

‘locking’ themselves up on the No. 3 seed. Interestingly, this number 3 seed is the lowest seed they have ever gained in Mahomes’ era. After defeating the Chargers in Week 7 at their home ground, the Chiefs are now set to travel to SoFi Stadium to once again face the AFC West team.

The Chiefs, with a record of 10 wins and 6 losses, are set to play the Chargers on Sunday. However, this game doesn’t hold much importance for them, as they’ve already secured a spot in the playoffs and are locked in as the number 3 seed. Therefore, they might use this Week 18 game to fine-tune their offense for the playoffs. So, according to the rumors, there is a possibility that key starters like

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce could use some time off before the playoffs. Coach Andy Reid is uncertain about resting his starters, but there are rumors that he might want them to get more playing time to improve their recent offensive struggles

Patrick Mahomes was himself unsure about his playing in the last regular game this season, as he left the decision to coach Reid. Many analysts believe that Mahomes may not play to avoid any potential injuries that could harm the Chiefs’ playoff prospects. Furthermore, past decisions by Reid suggest that when the team has nothing to play for in the final week, he tends to keep his main players out. For instance, in the 2020 season, Reid rested his main players after securing the No. 1 seed. So, history might repeat itself.