Prince Harry in ‘sad reminder from Prince William that he has no relationship with George’

Prince Harry and Prince William


The Prince of Wales revealed that his son, who is second in line to the throne, is a “potential pilot in the making” and could follow in his father’s footsteps, as William worked as an air ambulance pilot in East Anglia when he was younger.


Prince Harry and Prince William

George’s passion could also have similarities to that of his uncle, Harry, who served as an Apache helicopter pilot during one of his tours of Afghanistan.

But according to royal author and expert Tom Quinn, William’s hints at his son’s future career path will remind Harry “of everything he is missing” while his relationship with the Royal Family remains strained. The expert told The Mirror: “William’s hints that his son George might follow in his footsteps and become a pilot will certainly remind Harry of everything he is missing – after all Harry was himself a helicopter pilot and would love to entertain his nephew with tales of his own time in the air.

“It’s a sad reminder that he has no relationship at all with George.” William revealed his son’s passion for planes during a chat with Reverend Squadron Leader Chrissie Lacey at a garden party at Buckingham Palace last week.

William also revealed his 10-year-old son would love to visit the RAF Coningsby base in Norfolk, as he is a “potential pilot in the making”. Back in 2017, when George was just a toddler, he visited Germany and Poland with his parents, and at the end of the trip, the young prince was spotted getting seriously excited over helicopters at Hamburg Airport.

“George was excited, with the first helicopter he wanted to sit in the cockpit, and then he wanted to sit in the next one, he already knew there was a difference between them,” Antoine van Gent, who was present, revealed to the Telegraph. William even showed George the basics of how one would be flown and the young royal was reportedly allowed to try a helmet on.