Prince Harry Is Poised to Face a Total “nightmare” Because of Father King Charles.

King Charles and Prince Harry


The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, has been having trouble maintaining his relationship with the ones at Buckingham for quite a while.


King Charles and Prince Harry

While ties with big brother Prince Williams have been severed long ago, the father-to-two now seems to be having a bit of friction with his own father or the monarch, King Charles III. As he approaches Father’s Day and the birth anniversary of his father, royal experts navigate Prince Harry’s plight and what’s expected of him.

Prince Harry and the King, have hardly held any audiences in the recent past, except the only time the Duke barged in to check on his father post the shocking revelations of his cancer.

Prince Harry must take decisions with the entire world’s eyes on him

Speaking to Royal author and expert on the Mirror, Tom Quinn elaborates on how Prince Harry should be rendering off his duties despite what he feels. Having two awkward situations poised before him in the future, the expert remarks how “King Charles’ birthday and Father’s Day are both a nightmare,” to the 39-year-old. He further added how the entire world will have its eyes on the Prince in such upcoming events to check how mature he has grown.

“The world will be watching to see whether he is big enough to reach out to his father,” added the royal expert. Meanwhile, he places his best guess and affirms how Prince Harry has always been agreeable to mending the ties with his father. Hence, most probably he shall put their differences between him and send in warm wishes for the 75-year-old monarch. The situations however seem a bit challenging.

The Duke seems to struggle to even arrange a phone call with his father in the first place.

Is King Charles’ hands-on to amend the broken ties with son Prince Harry

While the father and the son, King Charles and Prince Harry, might wish to have their differences cleared, official ties and family relationships have been holding the duo back in their respective places. “The king is prevaricating,” said Tom Quin, while on the other hand, Queen Camila is not encouraging anything that might emotionally affect the King.

Prince Harry and his differences with stepmother and consort-turned-Queen are not unknown to the world. In numerous interviews, the Prince has laid bare his thoughts of “evil stepmother” and how certain decisions from King Charles’ end against the will of his sons, ripped the family into two. While situations remain the same, amending ties going past them all will definitely not be easy.