Serena Williams wants Venus WILLIAMS ‘brought to justice’ For not been Married yet

Venus Williams, the American tennis ace, recently shared views about marriage and gave her thoughts on her wedding in an exclusive interview. One of the best female tennis players of all time, she has blazed new paths in a variety of fields. In a recent interview, she shared her views about her feelings about weddings while talking about her niece’s marriage.

Venus and her sister Serena Williams have revolutionized women’s tennis by bringing a level of strength and athleticism to the sport that was never seen before. Venus has overcome the restrictions of tennis and emerged as a great role model for women and people of color thanks to her success on and off the court. However, the elder Williams sister remains skeptical about starting her own family.

Venus Williams, in a recent interview with Coach Eric Hechtman, discussed various topics. While answering the question “What are your thoughts on marriages?”, Venus said, “okay well, we had a wedding here. Recently my niece got married here at the farm and lovely venue. It was the world’s best wedding and everyone did a great job planning it.”

Venus further added, “I can’t compete with that like if I ever got married it would be at the courthouse um I don’t have the courage.” She explained how it wasn’t anybody’s fault, it is just the way she is built. She continued, “I can’t even explain why I just know I don’t like them.” She highlighted how weddings take a lot of time and come with extra responsibilities and that she couldn’t devote her time to one right now.