SHOCKING NEWS! The Impact of Camilla In The Death of Princess Diana.

Camilla and Princess Diana


At one time Princess Diana and Queen Camilla (formerly known as Camilla Parker Bowles) were friends, but that all changed when the former found out that Camilla was having an affair with her husband.


Camilla and Princess Diana

Camilla was branded public enemy No. 1 and blamed for breaking up then-Prince Charles and Diana’s marriage. After the princess’s death, the fury toward Camilla only intensified and it took years for the British public to finally accept her. Therefore, you would think King Charles’ current wife would be especially carful over the years about what she does with anything once worn by the late princess. So many royal fans are appalled about what Camilla did with a necklace they remember seeing on Diana.

Diana died more than two decades ago, but for Queen Camilla to do anything with something the princess previously wore would make some fans think she lost her mind.

Camilla though was spotted wearing a piece of jewelry Diana wore years earlier and not only that, the duchess altered it. According to The Sun, she redesigned an emerald and diamond necklace Diana was photographed in at the Vienna Burgh Theatre in April 1986 and made it into a brooch.

Camilla must have known that she would draw some ire by altering something that once belonged to Diana, which is why it’s important to note that the necklace didn’t technically belong to the princess.

It’s actually a royal family heirloom passed down to Diana by the Queen Mother in 1981 when she married Prince Charles. However, after the princess’s death, it was returned to the royal vault. It was then added to Camilla’s collection when she and the future king wed in 2005.

Still, royal fans were not happy about what Camilla did to the piece, saying it was “in poor taste” and asking if she had “no shame.”

Who has Diana’s personal jewelry collection?

So what happened to Diana’s personal collection?

Diana’s jewelry was left to her sons, Princes William and Harry, so that they could one day gift it to their wives, which is exactly what they did.