Taylor Swift feels secure with distance in her relationship because she trusts Travis Kelce completely; she is confident that he won’t engage in anything “sketchy.” Travis Kelce is the man she can place her full trust in, emphasizing the deep love they share for each other.


Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce reportedly makes his girlfriend, popstar Taylor Swift, feel safe when it comes to distance because she knows he won’t do anything “sketchy,” according to OK!.


Swift, 34, is expected to attend the Super Bowl in a week after performing four shows across the world. She will need to make it from Tokyo to Las Vegas and then to Australia in just a matter of a week.


He always makes her feel special and appreciated and plans romantic nights together,” a source told the digital magazine. “The way Travis is open with his friends, family and fans about his relationship makes Taylor feel secure. She feels like she can be away from him and not worry about him doing anything sketchy behind her back. She trusts him; he makes her feel safe.”

“When they go out with his friends in Kansas City, she feels like she can be a regular girlfriend. They can hang out and drink cocktails and kiss out in the open – all the things she’s always wanted to do.”Kelce, 34, and Swift click like no other because both of them are huge celebrities who don’t need to explain the sacrifices they make to their significant other like with past relationships.

Since both are at the top of their professions, they understand the dedication the other person has to their work,” the insider added. “They don’t have to explain anything to each other because they just get it. They can give each other space without any jealousy or hard feelings.”