Travis Kelce’s mom disclosed why his brother Jason Kelce remains her favorite son, explaining that Travis will earn the title of her favorite son once he ties the knot. She expressed her anticipation of seeing Travis Kelce’s children in the future.


It’s been 10 months since Donna Kelce revealed that her oldest son, Philadelphia Eagles’ centre Jason Kelce, is her favourite child and it seems that nothing has changed, despite her younger son, Kansas Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce’s greatest efforts.


Donna was a guest on the latest instalment of the “New Heights” podcast, which Jason and Travis host together, and explained why her older son is still her favourite son.“Well, mommy,” Travis said. “We last had you on the show before the (2023) Super Bowl, where you said definitively that Jason was your favourite… Understandable though, understood. Has that changed at all this season?”


“Not yet,” Donna said, laughing, followed by Jason yelling “Oh my gosh!” and leaning back in his seat, laughing.Ugh, the burn,” Travis joked. “The burn.”Meanwhile, Jason still smiling, said: “Such a perfect answer. I don’t think it could have been any better.”Donna walked back her comments, saying: “I love you both the sameTravis had previously joked that he is Donna’s favourite as he explained that she will be spending New Year’s Eve in Kansas City when the Chiefs play the Bengals on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium.


“You do it right,” the two-time Super Bowl champ said. “See the girls (Jason’s daughters) for Christmas, then come see your favourite son and party it up for New Year’s. You know what you’re doing.”Donna spent Christmas in Philadelphia — where the Eagles beat the Giants, 33-25, at Lincoln Financial Field — with Jason, his wife Kylie Kelce and their three daughters, Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 2, and Bennett, who turns one in February 2024, The New York Post reported.


When the Chiefs defeated the Eagles in the Super Bowl in February, the proud mother had revealed that Jason was her favourite son.“Each one has been my favourite at certain times in their lives,” Donna told Entertainment Tonight on February 9. “Right now, Jason’s a little ahead because of the grandchildren. But I’m sure Travis will take it over soon one of these days. I can’t, you know, as a mother, you just can’t pick one against the other. It’s 50/50 and it always will be.”