Taylor Swift’s close friend, who was sentenced to a decade in prison in 2016 after pleading guilty to enticing a boyfriend she met online, now claims that Taylor Swift’s songs played a significant role in giving her a sense of freedom.

That song features lyrics that could be taken as a primer on the paranoia and fear of trying to survive behind bars. “Everybody’s waiting/ Everybody’s watching/ Even when you’re sleeping/ Keep your ey-eyes open,” Swift sings. “So here you are, two steps ahead and staying on guard/ Every lesson forms a new scar/ They never thought you’d make it this far.”

Blanchard said another current favorite is the Midnights hit “Karma,” whose lyrics also seem to be somewhat on-the-nose. “I’m really digging ‘Karma’ right now. ‘Karma’ has been what I have been playing on my playlist a lot. So I’m jamming out to that,” Blanchard said of the track that ends with the line “Karma’s a relaxing thought

Though Blanchard seems open to talking and being in the public eye now that she’s out, she said you shouldn’t expect to see her on Dancing With the Stars due to what she described as her two left feet and total lack of rhythm.

The avowed Swiftie did ,however, share her favorite Taylor Swift tracks with THR. “All of her songs are really, really good. I really like the song ‘Eyes Open,’” Blanchard said of track Swift recorded for the 2012 Hunger Games soundtrack