Travis Kelce bought Taylor Swift a ring—no, not that kind of ring—and they suspect the thoughtful piece of jewelry holds a special meaning.

In photos from Swift’s 34th birthday celebration, the pop star sported a large, oval ring on the middle finger of her right hand. Fans naturally did a deep-dive into the statement piece to gather clues about where she may have gotten it, what type of gemstones are in it and who may have gifted it to her.

the ring appears to be opal in the center and blue topaz around the outside (although this is still unconfirmed). If this is the case, it may symbolize Swift and Kelce’s birthstones. The “Is It Over Now?” singer was born on Dec. 13, making her birth stone blue topaz, and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end was born on Oct. 5, making his birth stone opal.

In her video, @swiftieinkc also pointed to a photo of Swift showing off the ring to her friends, Miles Teller and his wife, Keleigh Sperry.
“This, to me, is giving ‘gift.’ It’s giving, ‘Look what he got me,'” she said. “It’s giving, ‘Look how beautiful this custom piece is.

Swifties weighed in with their theories about Swift’s ring in the comments, with one person sharing, “I’m really thinking moonstone & sapphire to connect to Bejeweled. And what’s interesting that her birthday dress features the moon.”

Another person commented, “If it’s Opal and Blue Topaz and from Travis I’m dead. Can he be anymore perfect?”Yet another TikTok user wrote, “Wherever it came from (*cough*) a natural opal of that size is no joke. No mistake, that is a major piece of jewelry.”